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Company Formation Spain

Company Act in Spain

Updated on Wednesday 06th February 2013

Company formation in Spain falls under the regulations of the company act in Spain. The legislation for company formation in Spain is actually based on the Commercial Code and the Corporations Law.  Other sources for the rules of company formation in Spain are the Limited Liability Companies Law and the Mercantile Register Regulation. Company act in Spain was modified by the law 19/1989, called the Corporations Law.

The Limited Liability Companies law was introduced in 1995. The Capital Companies Act in Spain was approved in 2010 and brings some changes regarding the minimum share capital required for company formation in Spain.

Company Act in Spain regulates all the types of companies in Spain. The most popular are considered the Stock Corporations and the Limited Liability Companies. The company act in Spain mentions that a sole proprietorship in Spain can be registered with the corporate registry as a company with only one owner.

Company registration in Spain must also follow the regulations of the company act in Spain. A Central Commercial Registry certificate must be obtained for confirming the name of the company. A tax identification code must also be issued for the company before the initial capital is deposited in a bank account in Spain. According to the company act in Spain, company registration in Spain is followed by the procedure of VAT registration.

Employment law in Spain is related to the company act in Spain. The labor contracts are regulated in the text of this legislation and the employers must know that employees must be registered with the Social Security General Treasureship. Besides, all employment contracts must be registered with the Spanish Institute of Employment, according to the law in Spain.

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