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Investment Tendencies in Spain

Written by: Bridgewest

Investment-Tendencies-in0Spain.jpgSpain represents a good investment market for foreign investors, who are sustained in their financial activities on the local market through various investment policies, including incentives and other development means. Spain is committed to the policies of the single monetary directive and has a very developed competitive economy. Businessmen who are interested in setting up a company in Spain can receive assistance on the investment tendencies in Spain from our team of Spanish company formation representatives


Competitiveness in Spain is sustained by a set of policies  

Foreign investors who want to open a business in Spain are advised to invest on the local market, as the Spanish authorities imposed a set of reforms in various fields, which follow the regulations applicable at the EU level.  
The local authorities created new reforms for the public sector, as well as for the financial system. The restructuring process for the latter was completed in 2013. 
The abilities of the employees are an important aspect for any business, regardless of the incorporation place. Spanish legislation referring to the labour market was improved through a reform which aimed at the development of this field, through policies referring to the flexibility, productivity and trainings of the human resources
Investors are welcomed here based on more efficient visas regulations, which can allow a faster issuance of the residence and work permits available for international investors; our team of Spanish company formation agents can offer more details on this matter. 

Investment environment in Spain  

The level of investments in Spain is rather developed and this can be sustained by the reports referring to the employment rates available here. Since 2014, the Spanish market created 36,6% of the employment level which was registered within the EU area. 
The corporate taxation rate is set out at 25%, which is a rate below the averages of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). 
Businessmen interested in receiving more details on the investment tendencies in Spain can address to our Spanish company incorporation consultants for an in-depth analysis of the investment opportunities which can arise on this market.  

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