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Spanish Construction Industry Increased by 13%

Spain is a representative economy of the European Union, with many economic fields which are interesting for foreign investors. One of the sectors in which the activity is developing at a fast pace is the construction industry. The construction sector increased in the last year and it is important to know that the persons employed in this field received higher salaries, indicating that the industry is on a growth trend. Our team of Spanish company formation representatives can help foreign investors who are interested in opening a company in the construction industry and can also offer guidance referring to this industry. 

Spanish Tourism Increased by 13% in the First Months of 2016


The Spanish tourism increased to a record value in the first months of 2016, reaching 18,1 million tourists. The Spanish authorities have mentioned that the period taken into account refers to January – April 2016, and that they are expecting to a further growth in this sense throughout the year. The reason for which the tourism in Spain developed to such impressive numbers is correlated with the current global context, as foreigners consider Spain to be a safe location for holiday activities. Our team of Spanish company formation representatives can provide more details on the characteristics of the local tourism. 

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