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Green Energy Generated Nearly Half of the Spain's Electricity Demand

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Spain is one of the best destinations at a global level for the registration of a business operating in the electricity sector. Investors who are interested in opening a company in Spain should take into consideration that this country is one of the leading jurisdictions for green energy as well, which, in the last years, became a major component of the local economy. 

Green energy in Spain in the first quarter of 2018 

Spain has pledged to increase the share of the green energy in the total energy production by up to 20% no later than 2020. However, the data recorded in the last two years offer even better results and, in the first quarter of 2018, the green energy accounted for 45.8% from the total demand of the country (the main sources of green energy were obtained from hydro and solar energy). 
Compared to the previous year, the energy obtained from hydropower sources increased by 74%, due to the favourable weather conditions, while the energy deriving from wind power increased by 10.4%. Our team of specialists in company formation in Spain can offer in-depth assistance on the main rules of law regulating the green energy sector

Regulations for renewable energy companies in Spain   

Spain applies a national legislation regulating the renewable energy sector following the European Union’s directives. The Spanish legal framework is given by the Electric Sector Law and the Royal Decree 413/2014, which can be detailed by our team of consultants in company registration in Spain
Under the latter mentioned legislation, companies operating in the renewable energy sector can benefit from certain incentives. At the same time, all companies operating in this industry must obtain special permits and receive certificates, granted prior to starting any business activities. 
When building a power plant in Spain, the investors will need to obtain the following:
prior administrative authorization;
approval on the execution project;
operating license
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of specialists for in-depth advice on the above mentioned permits and authorizations.  

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