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Investment Incentives for Businesses in Spain

Written by: Bridgewest

Investment-Incentives-for-Businesses-in-Spain.jpgSpain, a member state of the European Union (EU), provides to local and foreign investors business incentives created by the local government, as well as incentives available under the EU legislation. Such incentives are awarded in accordance with the business field in which the company is operating, as well as on its size. Those who want to start the procedure of company formation in Spain must know that certain conditions can apply for businesses which want to obtain various incentives and our team of company formation representatives can offer more information on the requirements imposed by the local authorities. 

Incentives addressed to businesses in Spain 

The Spanish government provides a wide set of incentives created to further develop specific business fields. They are also imposed to attract foreign direct investments on the local economy, which usually has positive effects on the Spanish Gross Domestic Product
Those who want to open a company in Spain can apply for the local aid programmes available here regardless of the type and size of the company. Small and medium sized (SMEs) companies can obtain numerous aids and loans
It is also important that the grants offered by the Spanish authorities can also be accessed by self-employed persons (operating as sole proprietorship). 
The incentives available in Spain are categorized on the main following types: 
research and development;
capital increase. 
Our team of company formation agents in Spain can provide an in-depth presentation on the legal framework available for foreign businessmen who want to apply for a grant in this country. 

Incentives for young entrepreneurs in Spain 

Young entrepreneurs who are interested in company registration in Spain can obtain a grant provided by one of the many state agencies. For example, all types of companies in Spain can apply at the Official Credit Institute (ICO) for the ICO Companies and Entrepreneurs programme, which is held on an annual basis. 
Under the programme ENISA Creation: Entrepreneurs and Young Entrepreneurs Line, provided by the National Innovation Company S.A., entrepreneurs can obtain a grant of EUR 300,000, while the young entrepreneurs may obtain a funding of EUR 75,000. Still, it is important to know that the grant is available for all business fields, except for those operating in the fields of real estate and finance. 
Businessmen who want to obtain further information on the incentives available here are invited to contact our team of company formation consultants in Spain

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