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Company Formation in Sevilla

Updated on Wednesday 14th March 2018

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Company-Formation-in-Sevilla.jpgSevilla is the capital-city of the Andalusian region and one of the largest cities in Spain. Sevilla has a long tradition especially in the aerospace industry and, in the last decades, the most prominent business activities have been represented by the services and tourism sectors.
Investors who want to open a company in Spain in the city of Sevilla may have numerous business opportunities in other relevant business activities, such as engineering or achitecture. Our team of representatives in company formation in Spain can offer legal assistance on the procedures involved in the registration of a legal entity in Sevilla, which is incorporated as prescribed by the national legislation. 

Registering a legal entity in Sevilla, Spain

The Spanish legislation allows foreign investors to set up any of the company types that are available for local businessmen. When starting the procedure of company formation in Spainit is recommended to decide on a suitable business form that will best represent the long term interests of the investors. At the same time, it is also advisable to decide on the company’s trading name, which should comply with certain requirements. 
Foreign businessmen can set up one of the following business forms
public limited liability company;
general partnership;
limited partnership;
sole proprietorship
At the same time, a local or foreign company can expand on the local market by registering a branch office or a subsidiary, and our team of specialists in company registration in Spain can advise on the main advantages of these two company types

Other incorporation requirements in Sevilla 

Just like in the case of any other business form set up in Spain, a company in Sevilla has to register for taxation purposes. In this sense, it is necessary to obtain a tax identification number, as well as to register for value added tax
Furthermore, a legal entity in Sevilla must also own a corporate bank account, which can be opened at any commercial bank in the city. After the account is set up, the investors will deposit the minimum share capital, as prescribed for the business form they have registered in Sevilla
Investors are invited to contact our team of representatives in company formation in Spain for more details on this subject. Our agents can assist businessmen in choosing a business address for their company in Sevilla and may assist in obtaining special permits and licenses

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