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Company Formation in Zaragoza

Updated on Tuesday 10th April 2018

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Company-Formation-in-Zaragoza.jpgOne of the regions in which investors can open a company in Spain is Zaragoza, which stands out as a diverse and competitive economy. Most of the economic activities carried out in Zaragoza are based on the services sector, which accounts for 59% of the entire economy of the region. Other relevant business sectors available in Zaragoza are the industry and construction sectors, as well as  the agriculture and energy fields
Our team of specialists in company formation in Spain can advise on the registration procedures imposed to a business incorporated in one of the above business sectors. Although the basic registration procedure is comprised of the same steps, differences may appear when requesting special business permits and licenses, which can vary depending on the company’s operations


Register a Spanish business form in Zaragoza 

Foreign businessmen are entitled to register any of the business forms available under the Spanish legislation. Spain is a country which actively seeks to provide various incentives for certain economic activities that can attract foreign direct investments in this country. Our team of consultants in company formation in Spain can advise on the legislation on foreign investments
When starting the procedure of company registration in Spain, the investors will be able to choose from one of the following business forms
private limited liability company;
public limited liability company;
general partnership;
limited partnership;
sole trader
In practice, most of the businessmen prefer to register the private limited liability company, a business form that offers a wide flexibility to its founders. The business form can be set up with a capital of minimum EUR 3,000 and the founders will be liable for the company’s debts in the amount of their personal contribution to the company’s capital. Also, this legal entity can be set up by a single shareholder

Register a branch or a subsidiary in Spain 

Foreing companies seeking to expand their business operations on the Spanish market may also perform activities in Zaragoza, Spain, through a branch office or a subsidiary. While the branch office is dependent on the parent company in terms of company’s management and other associated matters, a subsidiary is seen as an independent structure, registered as a different legal entity
Businessmen can contact our team of specialists for more details on the characteristics of the local business forms, as well as on the tax requirements and compliance with the Spanish authorities

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