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Establish an Advertising and Marketing Company in Spain

Updated on Friday 19th October 2018

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Establish-an-Advertising-and-Marketing-Company-in-Spain.jpgThe advertising sector in Spain is a promising field of activity, as presented by the Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA). The advertising and marketing sector contributed to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) with 1.31% at the level of 2016, which represents a slightly increase compared to the previous year. 
An important aspect concerning those who want to open a company in Spain in the advertising and marketing sector refers to the employment levels, which, starting with 2016, reached the levels registered prior to the beginning of the economic crisis; in 2016, the employment rate increased by 15.9% and another positive aspect refers to the number of companies activating in this industry, which expanded by 8.3%Our team of specialists in company registration in Spain can assist investors in opening a business in this industry. 

What are the main means of communication for Spanish advertising businesses? 

The Spanish advertising sector covers all the traditional means of communication that can be used by businesses operating in this sector, but in the last years, the growth of the industry was due to the increase of the digital and television advertising activities. Our team of consultants in company registration in Spain can offer advice on the main rules of law addressed to each communication channel presented below: 
  • television – it still represents the largest share on the advertising expenditure in Spain, which in 2018 is expected to grow to EUR 2,207 million;
  • internet advertising represents the second most important category, with a total expenditure at the level of 2018 of EUR 1,673 million;
  • newspapers advertising through newspapers is a market estimated at EUR 541 million in 2018;
  • other channels of communication that are used by companies in this country are represented by radio, magazines, outdoor advertising and cinema advertising

Why start a digital advertising business in Spain? 

One of the main reasons for starting a company in Spain as a digital advertising business is given by the large internet penetration rate available in this country, which is set up at 82.2% of the entire population. Also, the country is one of the most developed markets in Europe for this field of activity. Businessmen are invited to contact our team of specialists for in-depth advice on the registration requirements applicable to an advertising and marketing company.  

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