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Gambling Activities in Spain

Updated on Tuesday 13th February 2018

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Gambling-Activities-in-Spain.jpgInvestors who run operations in the field of gambling can expand their business activity in Spain, which is one of the most representative states in the European Union in this sense. At the moment, there are more than 250,000 gambling machines situated in Spain. The domain is highly regulated by Spanish authorities for gambling activities registered in the offline and online environment. Foreign investors who want to set up a gambling business in Spain can receive an extensive presentation on this field from our team of Spanish company formation agents

Gambling legislation in Spain 

Entrepreneurs interested in opening a gambling company in Spain have to comply with a set of rules and regulations available for this field. The gambling activities are controlled by state bodies and local authorities. Companies with activities across the state are controlled by state institutions, while smaller companies fall in the supervision of regional authorities. 
The following video offers a short presentation on the gambling activities available in Spain

The gambling companies are supervised by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling Activities; the institution is allowed to propose new regulations for the industry, to verify the applications for authorizations required for gambling companies or to monitor and fine gambling activities in Spain
The main legal framework applicable to the industry is the Spanish Gambling Act; the Act was enabled in 2011 and it mainly focuses on the national gambling activities
The Act establishes the way in which fraud procedures are enforced and provides a legal framework for the regulation of the online gambling environment. At the same time, the Act offers protection to both gambling companies and gambling users; our Spanish company formation agents can offer more details on the legislation available for the industry. 

Gambling companies in Spain 

Companies operating in the field of gambling must obtain licenses issued by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling Activities. The institution issues general licenses (available for 10 years), applicable for the following services provided by the company: 
run bets;
other gambling activities. 
Companies which organize online gambling activities are also required to obtain a license for any type of games. The domain is defined by the Article 3 of the Gambling Act, which stipulates that a company should meet the following criteria to qualify as a gambling activity
activities for which there is a bet for money;
bets are established on future results;
prizes are offered in money or through other means. 
Investors who need to find out more details on the gambling activities available in Spain can contact our team of Spanish company formation agents, who can provide assistance on the business opportunities that can appear on this market. 


  • Michael 2016-03-23

    Good day. I have a gambling company (which developed rather fast in the last two years) situated in Italy. I'd like to expand my business in Spain and I need some advice on this matter. Thank you.

    Hello, you can send us your request via e-mail and one of our specialists in company formation will answer you. 

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