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How to Start an IT Company in Spain

Updated on Friday 06th July 2018

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NameHaving your own business in Spain is an excellent idea, particularly if you want to earn money while living here.
There are several compensations when creating a business, like an IT company, however, there are also a few things to reflect before you take the first stage and therefore it is substantial to have legal support from specialists in company formation in Spain.
There are a few types of companies you can open for your IT business in Spain

Starting a company as a self-employed in Spain

The self-employed entrepreneur must be an adult, be officially capable to start a business and with no judiciary problems. As the owner of the IT company in Spain that he leads and manages, he has certain obligations related to his properties for any debts that he may have with any third party. 
The following video offers a short presentation on the registration of an IT company in Spain:


Limited liability firms in Spain

The highest benefit of limited obligation businesses is that shareholders and managers are not accountable for the debts of the company and our company formation experts in Spain can help you with information in this area.
Here are the documents needed in order to create your own company:
the original and the copy of a valid passport;
N.I.E (foreigner’s identification number) in case of foreign businessman;
other personal facts that are not counted in the previous documents, such as address or marital status;
a statement of foreign investments in Spain must be obtained from the notary if their shareholders are not from Spain;
certificate of Social Denomination distributed by the Central Commercial Registry.
The company’s documents must have information regarding the name of the IT firm in Spain, the object of activity, the capital share, the beginning date, the shareholder’s name, the company’s address, description of the director etc.
Our specialists in company formation in Spain will also explain the important steps to be followed after the validation at the notary office, like:
listing the business in the Commercial Registry of Spain;
applying for the firm C.I.F (tax identification code) at the tax agency;
completing the tax form 036, which is the registration with the tax scheme for which the business will be accountable;
inscription of the firm’s executive in the social security system;
paying the 1.5% (stamp duty) of the investment share of the enterprise to the Junta de Madrid within 30 days after signing of the acts;
completing the tax form 845, that includes the description of the IT firm in Spain, starting date and business location.
Please feel free to contact our team in Spain, for any other information regarding your own IT company.

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