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Liaison Office in Spain

Updated on Wednesday 21st June 2017

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Liaison-Office-in-Spain.jpgThe liaison office in Spain, also known as the representative office is a legal structure designed to represent the mother company abroad in Spain but which does not have a separate legal entity. It is not used for business purposes but has the role of establishing the presence of the main company in Spain. This is a way to test the market and be closer to potential business partners and clients in the country.
Our company registration agents in Spain can help you open a liaison office and make all the necessary arrangements and formalities not only to start this office but also to open a company.

Establishing a liaison office

The liaison office cannot engage in any business or economic activities. It can only perform activities know as liaison activities or communication activities. The office is a communication channel between the Spanish clients/partners and the head office abroad. International companies can use this representative office to facilitate and maintain their connections in Spain.
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The liaison office can engage in the following activities:
- promote the mother company;
- promote import/export to and from Spain if the company is engaged in trade activities;
- promote technical or financial collaborations;
- maintain the connection between the mother company and Spanish companies.
The mother company bears full liability for the representative office. Because it cannot engage in economic activities, the double tax treaties between Spain and other countries are not relevant for the liaison office but they are important if the foreign company decides to subsequently open a branch in Spain.

Specific services in Spain 

The set-up process for a liaison office is simple because of the limited and non-economic activities of this office. Our company registration agents in Spain can help you handle the formalities and get your representative office running as soon as possible. The mother company will need to duly sign a public deed and notarize it in order to record the opening of the liaison office. The distribution of funds from the mother company to the representative office will need to be declared and the liaison office will also need to have a designated individual to act as the representative of the company.
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  • Pete Popov 2017-06-06

    Hi, is the liaison office in Spain required to employ someone locally as the representative, or could the representative be an employee of the mother company that travels to Spain frequently?

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