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Open a Financial Company in Spain

Updated on Thursday 12th July 2018

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Starting a financial company in Spain needs not only a full understanding of the target customer's necessities and a complete service line, but also a proper business plan that will review how you will make a successful company
In addition, any new financial company must comply with strict national regulations and meet initial funding requests.
Our specialists in company formation in Spain will offer proper guidance, information and legal assistance for every investor who wants to start a financial company in the country.
The following video offers a short presentation on the main aspects that have to be taken into consideration when registering a financial company in Spain:


Documents for opening a financial company in Spain

If you want to start a financial business in Spain, it is recommended to first hire our company formation agents, in order to provide you with legal assistance and information regarding the papers you need to fill in or obtain.
First of all, foreign businessmen need to apply for the NIE or NIF (foreigner’s identification number) and our company formation specialists will help their clients with legal guidance and info regarding the procedure.
The selected name of the new financial company must be demanded to the “Registro Mercantil Central” which will, in turn, settle the reservation and check to confirm its availability.
When the new financial company is created, the share capital is frequently paid in cash or transferred to a Spanish bank account on behalf of the new firm with the words “sociedad en formación”, added at the end of it.
For opening the bank account, the Spanish bank will ask for a document which will show that all the steps of creating the financial company are being taken and a copy of the certificate mentioning that the name of the new company is not being used by another enterprise.

Documents needed for the Spanish Public Notary

Besides previous documents mentioned above, the financial company needs to be in order with the following papers:
original identification documents and power of attorney for company formation agents who incorporate the business;
foreign investment declaration, form D-1A, accordingly filed and sent to the “Secretaría de Estado de Comercio”.
Financial companies offer loans to individual and commercial clients for a variety of reasons. Commercial customers mean small businesses, large firms or retail stores. The commercial loans can help established industries to construct a new office or trade spaces, or they can help new business to rise and develop.
If you want to start a financial company in Spain, don’t hesitate to contact our company formation agents, in order to receive legal guidance and proper information.

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