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Open a Recruitment Company in Spain

Updated on Tuesday 19th December 2017

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Open-a-Recruitment-Company-in-Spain.jpgInvestors interested in opening a recruitment company in Spain should know the characteristics of the Spanish workforce and the categories of employees companies are interested in. A recruitment agency has as a primary goal to find the perfect candidate to match the employer’s needs. If you need to find out more on the workforce market in Spain, our company formation agents can provide you with important aspects on the subject. 

The recruitment agency in Spain 

Spain has a well prepared workforce and, through government reforms, young persons are being trained to gain knowledge and skills to match the requests of international employers. A recruitment agency will search for the best candidate for a job opening; he or she will be interviewed by a recruitment agent, who will discuss with the candidate on the relevant experience and training for the job
Investors are invited to watch the video below, which offers a short presentation on the registration of Spanish recruitment company:

A recruitment company should always be informed with the latest provisions on the employment law in Spain; our company formation agents can offer you a presentation on this matter. 
The agency should know the features of the Spanish workforce and should address to it by traditional recruitment methods or by online recruitment; also, it should have the capability of hiring foreign individuals for companies in Spain and, if it is needed, to offer them assistance on the relocation procedure.  

Starting a recruitment agency in Spain 

When opening a company in Spain you should consider the costs of the business, the legal entity the company will have, taxes paid throughout the incorporation process, corporate taxes, the minimum share capital needed for company registration and many others. You should know that most of the businesses started in Spain are formed as a limited company (sociedad limitada), as they offer protection to the investor from personal liabilities; you can find out more on the legal entities available in Spain from our company formation specialists, who can help you choose the best type of company according to your needs and interests. 
Please note that all foreign persons (residents or non-residents) must apply for a foreigner tax identification number, required for any fiscal matters, including for the registration of a company
If you need further information on the opening of a recruitment company in Spain, please contact our company formation agents for more details. 

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