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Updated on Wednesday 16th October 2019

The services of CompanyFormationSpain.com and Lexidy Law Firm were presented in important business magazines. Below, we present a part of such articles: 


1. How to expand a business in Spain

"Choosing the right type of company, when incorporating abroad, is another important step when expanding the company. Entrepreneurs who want to expand their limited liability company in Spain to another country might want to consider incorporating the corresponding legal structure."


2. The basic steps for acquiring a Spanish property

"Buying a property starts with a thorough property search. This can be easily done by using one of the Spanish property websites, where houses and apartments are either sold directly by the owner or through an estate agent."


3. The procedures for starting a business in Spain

"For specific activities, companies will usually need other special licenses issued by competent authorities in those industries. As an example, the licensing requirements for opening a company in Spain target specific activities and their related industries."


4. How to form a business in Spain as a foreigner

"The documents must be filed with the Commercial Registry along with other papers requested by the local authorities. Setting up a company in Spain, for instance, will require additional application forms and passport copies."


5. How to obtain the Spanish citizenship through investments

"Some countries make this process easier, while in other states the verification and the processing time takes longer. European countries are usually more flexible, as it is the case of Spain. Even so, some advice from a law firm in Spain wouldn’t hurt in order to speed up the process."


6. Legal entities in Spain

"Operating as a sole trader is the simplest way to start a business in Spain. As a sole trader, you don’t need any minimum amount of share capital. This means that you can start a business with almost no initial costs, other than those required to establish operations."








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