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Set up a Shop in Spain

Updated on Tuesday 19th December 2017

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Set-up-a-Shop-in-Spain.pngA shop in Spain can ne used for a wide range of business activities. However, prior to opening the shop, the investors should perform a set of activities that will have the purpose of maximizing the company’s operations in that respective location. Investors who want to open a company in Spain will need to conclude a rental contract, obtain special licenses for the premises in which the company’s activities are held, pay the utility bills and hire employees. There are also other aspects that must be considered and our team of specialists in company formation in Spain can provide in-depth assistance. 

Establish a realistic budget 

When starting a business in Spain, it is necessary to establish a corporate budget that will cover all the company’s expenses for at least half year since the operations have started. The budget should also take into consideration the costs incurred during the procedure of company registration in Spain, as well as the company’s share capital, which is established in accordance with the legal entity preferred by the businessmen. 
A shop in Spain will require personnel that can handle the activities carried out by the company. Thus, the investors will need to calculate the costs associated with employment, the taxation of the employees, the commission the employees can obtain from the company’s sales and others. Investors should also consider the utility costs, as well as the monthly rent. Our team of company formation agents in Spain can offer advice on other costs that can be associated with this type of business. 

Select a suitable location for the Spanish shop 

In order to increase the possible number of customers, it is generally advisable to open a shop in a crowded area of a city. Furthermore, when searching for a suitable location, the investors should first verify if the building provides all the conditions that are necessary for the respective business. In this sense, during the procedure of company formation in Spain, the businessmen should inspect the location, a step that must be completed prior to signing the rental contract
The location in which the shop will be registered may also need to be redesigned, in order to convey the company’s identity. In this case, the investors may require building permits. Other licenses may be needed, depending on the specifics of the business and our team of consultants in company formation in Spain can offer more details. Investors are invited to contact our representatives for assistance on this topic. 

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